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Audio Caller ID

Audio Caller ID will announce a caller's name over your computer speakers, email you when specified calls are received, block calls you choose, publish your call log to the web, and dial the phone for you.

Oxygen Phone Manager II

Oxygen Phone Manager II lets your PC and Nokia mobile phone communicate with each other and gives you the access to your phone's data. You are able to download the data from your phone, edit it as needed and upload it back to your or another phone.


A program to communicate with phone TTY/TDD devices (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) via a sound card, without TTY modem. A simple interface between sound card and phone line or acoustic connection with phone handset are used.

OmniChex Web

Manage info on a website in linked checklists, with browser, mobile phone or PDA. All checklists: task, to do, shopping, meetings, travel, packing, bookmark, wish, wedding registry, recipe, directions etc. Try now with a free account on omnichex.com!

Catfood FTP Wizard

Catfood FTP Wizard offers a simple to use yet powerful interface for transferring files. Remote browsing simplifies FTP server access with a familiar Windows interface. Powerful transfer options include archive mode, scripting and chmod support.

Dialgo Personal Call Center

Answering Machine for scripting your own professional call center business scripts using a voice modem. Features Caller-ID, Wave Playback, Wave Recording, Digit Monitoring, POP3 Email Manipulation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis.

Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX

Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX SDK Features Caller ID Extraction,Digit Monitor and Playback, Wave File Playback and Recording on Phone Line. You get to save your Wave File in 20+ Audio Formats. Also Inputs CCITT u-Law Compressed Wave Files


NetMessager is Windows application allowing users to send and recieve instant messages over network\Internet.

Phone Card Organizer Mate

Phone Card Organizer Mate 2.1 An application that lets you store and organize phone number and contact information. Also has auto email and auto dial option. - by Vsisoftware.com

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