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SmartMenus is aimed at ICT professionals who need to open files with many different applications, quicly and easily from a context menu which is customised from an 'Admin' console.

Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool

Synopsis is a rapid application prototyping tool for designing and developing Windows applications. Connect graphical icons that represent software components. Reuse existing DLLs and SQL databases. Build .EXEs. Runs on Windows 98/2000/2003/XP.

Oracle Query Analyser


Powerful and easy-to-use software update solution. Create, manage, distribute your software updates easily! Features a WYSIWYG design editor, an advanced binary patching engine, support for automatic updates, one-click deployment to the Internet.

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Стиль - одежда мысли.
Ф. Честерфилд


-- Кум, а кум! Зачем вы жените своего сына, он же у вас
недотепа, неумеха, да и глуповатый!
А тот отвечает:
-- В том-то и дело, кум. Женить надо, пока глупый, а как
поумнеет, сам не захочет!


Кто первый украл, тот и автор

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