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Code Historian

Code Historian performs file-differencing and code analysis, and assists with code reviews in SourceSafe, Perforce, or CVS. No server installation. Integrates with Visual Studio 6.0, .NET, and 2003. Also available in Explorer and on command-line.

Code Reviewer

Code Reviewer lets developers review each other's source code changes before they are checked into the version control system. Comment on specific lines of code. Any number of reviewers. All comments checked in when review is complete.

Code Metrics

Code Metrics provides project-wide reports, graphs, and data-mining drilling down into single-file analyses, visualizations, and historical information. Export data to Excel, HTML, XML, or a database.

Fast Track - Request Management

Use this tool to manage and track project requests including; change requests, problem reports, software bugs or incidents. You can also define your own request types and each of these can have its own request work flow. Fast Track - Request Manage

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