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RegBlock Spy Blocker

Regblock Allows Windows users an easy way to halt the installation of drive-by downloads commonly used by malware, spyware and profiling technology through the use of Kill-bit methodology.

SnoopFree Privacy Shield

Don't fall prey to keyloggers and snooping software that records your activities. This Windows XP product provides firewall-like protection for your keyboard, screen and open windows. You'll know in real-time if anyone tries to spy on you.


SpYOuTSiDe it's a program that record every keystroke that are pressed on the host computer, it can take screen shots also, and send the logs containing the keystrokes to a e-mail address or it can upload those logs to a ftp server.


SpyVest scans and removes spyware and Adware from computers. There is a free scan available to all Windows Operating systems. spy programs include keyloggers designed specifically to record your screen, email, passwords, and much more.

Visual TimeAnalyzer for time tracking

Visual TimeAnalyzer automatically tracks all PC activities, working time, pauses, projects, costs, software and internet use. The time tracking software presents detailed, richly illustrated reports. Parents have control over their children's PC use.


Allows Windows users an easy way to clean their surfing and PC activities. Also alerts user and disables many popular spy ware packages. Free limited version. Lots of extra features to protect your privacy.

Npust Anti-spyware

Npust Anti-spyware can provide every computer with virtual protection against all types of unauthorized spyware and keystroke monitoring programs, both KNOWN and UNKNOWN.

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