Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Thrill is a fast online multiplayer Tetris-Game with up to 9 players per session. You can attack or defend other players and there are various playmodes. All games, accounts and chatrooms are hosted and monitored on the Thrill server.

Puzzle Ring

Puzzle Ring is yet another game based on falling bricks concept. The aim is to build as much horizontal rings of falling blocks as you can. Every complete ring you made disappears making free space for the next blocks.


Reactor is an action puzzle game with familiar yet fresh gameplay and a challenging puzzle mode! Assemble cooling cells around the Reactor core to cool the Reactor. Includes over 100 Fusion puzzles and Meltdown!, an unlimited arcade mode.


Schmitriz is a straightforward, sleek, efficient, and robust tetris clone. It features custom backgrounds, custom piece pictures, and a competitive two-player mode.

Web Log Explorer

The Web Log Explorer is a powerful interactive web server log analyzer. This easy for use and feature-rich tool can generate fast, effective reports of any kind and display them in friend for you the format.

Solitaire Drop

Solitaire Drop combines the fast action of Tetris with the card-playing logic of Solitaire. It includes three exciting games in one: Rummy Drop, Poker Drop and Black Jack Drop. Plus customizable rules, a high score list and optional sound effects.


StripTris is a new great game combining rules of Tetris® and photos of pinups. It utilizes all modern capabilities of the latest, ultimately new devices based on PalmOS 4.0 and later platforms that support screen resolution 320x320 and 65000 colors!

Tetcolor for Windows

Balanced tetris-style game with intuitive rules, midi player and skins. Rotate falling blocks to line up three or more of the same color. High scores are recorded, and an honor roll contains nice funny icons. Suitable for all ages.


Tetris Organizer is a real must have game for every tetris and arcade lover. It packs eighteen different tetris games in one and will bring great fun to your desktop. A score of different games plus skill levels, great design. Upgrades are free.


TetriBox is a pack of 18 different arcade games with different blocks, grids, strategies and logic. This is a real gamers' jukebox! Some of the games are the alltime classics, some are completely new and untasted. Try yourself in this variety!

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Начать войну легко, а закончить трудно.
Эразм Роттердамский


Молоденькая девушка, собиравшая деньги на нужды цер-
кви, обратилась к мистеру Брауну с просьбой пожертвовать сколь-
ко он сможет.
-- А для кого предназначены эти деньги? -- поинтересовал-
ся мистер Браун, доставая из кошелька монету.
-- Для Бога,-- ответила девушка.
-- А сколько вам лет?
-- Девятнадцать.
-- А мне уже восемьдесят семь, и, думаю, я увижу Бога го-
раздо раньше, чем вы,-- сказал мистер Браун, снова пряча монету
в кошелек.-- Пожалуй, я передам ему деньги сам.


Береженого бог бережет, а небереженого конвой стережет. прапорщик Нечипоренко

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