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XmlShell - The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor

The Ultimate Lightweight XML Editor: 1.True side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views. 2.Grid-like table views to display table-like XML data. 3.Syntax-colored free-form text editor. 4.Intelligent popup list in editor.


WinPTE is a customizable programmer's editor with integrated Microsoft VBA and Perl scripting. Innovative features: Power Block Mode, Auto Format, Drag & Drop/Replace, Flex Insert Mode, Statement Completion.

TxEdit 2000

TxEdit is an easy to use ASCII text editor that makes a nice replacement for the standard MS Windows Notepad. Multiple documents can be edited using this MDI editor. TxEdit includes options to quickly find and replace text.

TreeDBNotes Pro

TreeDBNotes Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, PIM, Word Processor,Alarm & Reminders, e-Book maker, Contacts and Passwords manager with Tree Structure,encryption,password protection,support Palm doc,tables,templates

Simply Journal

Your life is worth remembering Simply Journal! Easily record your daily thoughts using this simple-to-use interface. You can keep track and organize your thoughts in ways that paper and pencils don't allow. You can style the text any way you want.


A syntax colouring text editor for program languages, scripts, HTML, configuration files, and documentation. Built-in project support and comprehensive help. Comes with pre-defined definition files for the most popular programming languages.

Note Wonder

Note Wonder combines the power of a PIM with the ease-of-use of Notepad. It provides an easily accessible place to quickly jot down, store, and retrieve all those little tidbits of information you hate to lose, but never know where to keep.


Ever wonder why such a wimpy text editor shipped with Windows? Why Notepad has no features? Well, wonder no more and download NoteMagic, a text editor on steroids, with more features than some word processors.

Mass File Editor

Editor to view and process any number of files uniformly. Replaces and inserts some predefined text into a large number of files chosen by mask, processes file names as well. Allows editing automatically or each file separately and seeing the result.

MLEditor Standard Edition

.Intelligent multi-language reader and editor .Professional code transfer between Simplified Chinese (GBK) and Traditional Chinese (Big5) .Control editor .Handy text file previewer and editor .Desktop sticky note and much more

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