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Link Exchange Manager

Link Exchange Manager manages your website's links pages. It is a time-saving way to reduce HTML coding and manual scanning and checking for reciprocal links with your link partners. Link swapping is a great way to increase search engine rankings.


Unleash your creativity with MonkeyPhoto! Design unique digital photos with a few mouse clicks. Print or email with the push of a button. Intuitive interface is perfect for non-technophiles. Browse, rotate, and enhance digital pictures with ease.


With FastSubmit you will submit your software about 2-5 times faster with the same quality: it fills forms, clicks buttons and analyses submission results. Over 400 shareware sites preconfigured for semi-automatic submission.

Link Popularity Check

Link Popularity Check is a handy tool for web site owners that allows you to check your link popularity and compare it to your competitors as well as a list of major internet web sites (msn.com, ebay.com etc). It displays the results in an easy form.

Kiosk Shopping Cart System

Kiosk Shopping Cart: Turnkey E-Commerce Shopping Cart System for online merchants. Supports real-time credit card processing through Authorize.net and PayPal. Certified by Authorize.net. Website Generator program creates a multi-page website for you.

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Доказанное примерами никогда нельзя считать полностью доказанным.
Г. Лейбниц


Сталин делает доклад. Вдруг в зале кто-то чихнул
- кто чихнул? (молчание.)
- пэрвый ряд, встать. Расстрелять! (бурные аплодисменты.)
- кто чихнул? (молчание.)
- втарой ряд, встать. Расстрелять! (долго не смолкающая
- кто чихнул? (молчание.)
- трэтий ряд, встать! Расстрелять! (бурная овация всего
зала, все встают, возгласы "слава великому Сталину!")
- кто чихнул?
- я, я! Я чихнул! (рыдания.)
- будьти здаровы, таварищ!


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