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ServerMask obscures the identity of a Windows Web server by removing the most obvious signs that you are running IIS. This ISAPI filter removes or modifies unnecessary HTTP response data to make fingerprinting your server more difficult for hackers.


Port80's URLSpellCheck for IIS improves user experience and reduces abandonment due to annoying 404 errors by automatically correcting common typing errors in URLs. Fix missing, transposed, and extra characters, or even incorrect file extensions.


Monitoring & Analysis Software for Web Sites & IP Devices. Maximize availability through accurate, in-depth monitoring & alerting functionality. Analyze historical data for trends & visualize current state with real-time charting & graphs.


WhosOn is a real time log file analyzer. It displays a list of currently active visitors and allows visitors to chat to you. Also includes real time error and exception reporting plus historical reporting via a SQL database.

Z-Log Webserver Log Analyzer

Z-Log is a highly customizable yet affordable web server log analyzer. It allows one to make an informed decisions regarding the web site performance, effects of the modifications to the website, and advertisement campaign results.


Port80 Software’s CustomError for IIS allows developers and administrators to easily create customized 404 and other default error pages, improving user experience and reducing customer abandonment rates.


CacheRight for IIS allows developers to set reliable cache control policies for images and other site content without MMC access. It will speed up pages, reduce bandwidth expenses, and ease server strain from unnecessary validation requests.

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