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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Universal Table Browser

Universal Table Browser is a Query Tool giving you access to any database using ODBC. A graphical user interface means that you can simply point and click your way to complex SQL statements or use the SQL editor to write your own query.


TekTracer is a Helpdesk and Inventory Manager Access database which tracks Computers, End Users, Leases, Network Connections, Peripherals, Software, Repairs, Technicians, Warranties, and Work Orders.

SQL Batch Executor

SQL Batch Executor will run SQL scripts for any database with an ODBC compliant driver.

CarRent Access Application

The data base is used in the field of car leasing. It stores customer data and vehicle specifications and computes the leasing rates in dependence of the contract conditions. Both customers and salesmen can operate the tool in a simple manner.

Excel Compare

Excel Compare is a tool that allows you to compare and update Excel files, Excel spreadsheets and individual ranges of sheets. Excel Compare performs the following functions: 1. mark differences, 2. create a difference report, 3. update Excel files

c:JAM - Central Jet Accounts Manager

c:JAM is an intuitive and powerful security- and user account-management tool for MS-Access, designed to simplify and centralize workgroup administration esp. in professional intranet environments with large user numbers and distributed applications


The DuplicatesRemover reads the data from one or multiple Excel files and examines whether there are any duplicate entries in the files. If this is the case, the duplicates will be deleted and written in a new Excel spreadsheet.

FlexibleDB Access Application

The data base stores all kinds of files with additional descriptions to their contents. After that the files can be searched for by contents. The files found can be viewed via the form of the data base.

Elegant InterFace 4.0

Manipulate colors preferences and logos. Fast and accurate rescale routines. Object Viewer allows viewing, printing and exportation of your data. Set individual security rights at runtime. Manage user ID, Passwords and object rights.

Access Data Transfer Assistant 2000

Deliver update versions of your app to customers. Easily copy all their data into the newer version from all or specified tables. Relationships used to determine correct delete and import order. Relationships and record counts are documentented.

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нул -- жена с тещей сразу стол накрывают, выпивку ставят, гостям
кланяются, сигареты подают.
-- Как тебе это удалось?
-- Сижу я как-то, блины ем. Кот залез на стол и стянул один
блин. Я ему сделал предупреждение. Он стянул второй. Я ему --
второе предупреждение. Он -- третий. Я -- третье предупрежде-
ние. Он -- за четвертый, я его за хвост -- и в окно. А у нас две-
надцатый этаж.
-- Да причем здесь кот?
-- Как причем? У жены -- два предупреждения. А у тещи -- три.


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