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The Wisdom Well

An electronic book (eBook), crammed with over 9MB of information on various topics. Topics included; Business, Children, Health, Food, Recipes, Education, Money, Jobs, Hobbies, Parenting, and much more. Can be printed. Easy to use. For Win95/98/NT.

Prince of Whales

The Grand Council of Elders banishes Toby. But the night before the departure, Toby has a strange visit in his dream and discovers that he is to become a Dreamsinger. He has to find his voice for music is energy, it is power.


Embark with Kevin on a Quest to find the sword of his father. Follow him as he explores the land and meets fantastic characters. Meet the Old Man who knows more about the legend of the Gray Legion than anyone else. Live a fantastic adventure.

Sherlock Holmes - A Library

Whodunit? A complete collection of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Read, listen to, and print the Sherlock Holmes stories. This software will read aloud the Sherlock Holmes stories to you using Text-To-Speech Technology.

Solo Martial Arts Drills Ebook

At last a solo martial arts training printable ebook for martial artists who train alone

Prayers for the Temple Within

The book of poetic prayers has been designed to be read and utilized by those interested in its religious, metaphysical and aesthic content. Non-denominational, the poetic prayers have been read from Protestant and Pentecostal pulpits.


This ebook is strange both in form and contents. Very hard to explain but the author teaches you a new approach, a new method to learn fast and REMEMBER what you learned. Is this an ebook? Is this a philosophic treatise? Find out by yourself!

StreetSmarts for Drivers 101

StreetSmarts for Drivers 101 is intended for anyone, male or female who drives a vehicle, period. Easy-to-understand practical tips on anything connected with driving savvy being streetsmart, pure and simple.

Boy who knew

For a child, everything is normal, how can he explain using his limited vocabulary what the adults consider paranormal experiences and can hardly explain themselves. This ebook tries to break that barrier. All the stories are true.

Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle

This fantasy e-book illustrates clearly the consequences of misunderstanding and biased education. Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life, never experiencing the commoner world. All a sudden, his world comes down.

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Как бы плохо мужчины ни думали о женщинах, любая женщина думает о них еще хуже.
Н. Шамфор


Падишах, объезжая свои владения, увидел, что крестья-
нин сажает финиковое дерево, и спросил его:
-- Неужели ты собираешься еще при жизни собрать плоды
с этого дерева? Ты же знаешь, что должно пройти много лет, преж-
де чем оно начнет плодоносить?
-- О повелитель, до нас посадили дерево, а мы пользовались
его плодами. Теперь наша очередь сажать деревья, чтобы другие
могли получить плоды.
Падишах похвалил крестьянина и приказал отсчитать ему
тысячу динаров.
-- Как быстро принесло плоды мое дерево! -- радостно во-
скликнул крестьянин.
Падишаху понравилось его остроумие, и он велел отсчи-
тать крестьянину еще тысячу динаров.
-- О Аллах, удивительно, что этот черенок так быстро принес
два урожая сразу! -- продолжал крестьянин.
Падишах приказал дать крестьянину еще тысячу динаров.


Жену свою люблю, поэтому изменяю pедко.

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