Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы
Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы


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Simply Journal

Your life is worth remembering Simply Journal! Easily record your daily thoughts using this simple-to-use interface. You can keep track and organize your thoughts in ways that paper and pencils don't allow. You can style the text any way you want.

Smart Diary

Smart Diary not only keeps track of diary text (fully formatted), but also of such parameters as the mood, fatigue, shape, dream, temperature, weight, copulation and menstruus. All entries are encrypted. A planner and a reminder are included.

Smart Diary Suite

More than a simple Diary or a PIM. It is instead a total personal information manager. It can be as simple or as extensive as you want it to be and it can be fully customized to meet all your current and future needs.


Forget about paper notes to your eMails – use OutNote to create virtual sticky notes that remain in context with an Outlook eMail or contact. OutNote lets you take notes and attach them to each email or contact.

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