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Startup Select

Startup Select windows startup manager allows you to identify, enable/disable, and remove the programs located in the Registry and Startup Folders, which run automatically every time Windows starts up.

Source Lister

Generates formatted source program listing printouts, with layout and appearance options, and page numbering. Includes pagination controls for C/C++ and assembly source files.

Screen Grabber

Easily capture and print your screen's contents and save the images to disk. Screen Grabber gives you the power to capture, print, and save entire screens and active windows. It's user configurable to give you flexible printing results.

SNTP Service

This is an SNTP time synchronization client/server for the more advanced user wishing to provide SNTP time synchronization services under Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Windows Management Interface for centralized control.

Visual WhoIs 2004

Visual WhoIs 2004 is a handy network tool that allows you to find relevant information about domains, ip addresses, email addresses... Protect your privacy, avoid fraudulent sites. Locate web sites, email addresses and IP addresses on a 3D globe.

Sensomap Pro

Imagemap applet which can manage complex polygonal and discontinuous image-switching hotspots. Ideal for real-world diagrams where the user locates important places visually and then rapidly extracts the information with a context-sensitive display.


Manage and track visits by robots, spiders and crawlers to your website. Identify which spiders visited, when they visited, and what pages they indexed. Direct spiders to your most important pages, and exclude them from non-public pages. Easy to use


Sysgraph is a program that monitors your network speed, RAM and CPU usage. It can optimize memory usage to make other programs run faster. It runs without installation so it keeps your system clean from unnecessary registry entries.

Private Desktop

Say you're at your computer doing something private and someone comes in... Private Desktop will allow you to escape to your "public" desktop with the push of a button. Private Desktop allows you to keep a second password protected scree.

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Мы не в изгнании, мы - в послании.
Нина Берберова (о первой волне русской эмиграции)


Американец, немец и русский спорят, кто сумеет научить кош-
ку есть горчицу. Немец ловит кошку и заталкивает горчицу ей в пасть.
-- Это насилие! -- протестуют русский и американец.
Американец кладет горчицу между двумя кусками колба-
сы, и кошка все съедает.
-- Это обман! -- протестуют немец и русский.
Русский хватает кошку и мажет горчицей у нее под хвостом.
Кошка с воем начинает ее слизывать.
-- Вот так,-- говорит русский,-- добровольно и с песней!


Перед тем, как найти свою Елену Прекрасную, тебе, Иванушка, придется перецеловать еще много лягушек.

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