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Софт, утилиты, полезные программы, бесплатные программы



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Pilot Group Affiliate Program

Ready Affiliate Network Solution for your online bussiness. Included: chat, forum, galleries, different modes of membership and many other options. Online demonstration. 24 sites are already based on this solution.

Ping Alarm

This small and convenient program is intended for watching for presence computers at the Net. The program sends the request with a specific interval, determined by the user to selected computer.


PingPlotter is an intuitive graphical network-troubleshooting & diagnostic tool. It uses a combo of Traceroute, Ping, and Whois to collect data quickly, and you can then focus on particular aspects of that data to determine where a problem is.

Ping Scanner Pro

Ping Scanner Pro has 18 network tools, it can ping one address a lot of times or a lot of addresses one time. It will also tell you what MAC addresses are on your subnet, and perform DNS lookup or reverse DNS lookup. It does Traceroute, Whois.


PingGraph helps find and diagnose network problems by graphing ping times and and estimated bandwidth available on multiple connections. Email alerts inform you of networking trouble. Data is saved in an easy-to-use XML format.


This is a network/server loading monitor was developed for those people who want to know all the time about network loading and want to watch loading of remote servers and network services and their availability.


This windows program bases on the Internet Explorer and has the same features. SiteKiosk protects public access (internet) terminals against manipulations. This version comes with tons of features. Download the free evaluation copy now.

Pioneer Report MDI

Pioneer Report MDI is a GRML, CSV, and text delimited file and web browser. GRML, or General Reuse Markup Language, supports forms, hyperlinks, text, and images. There are four displays, Report, Horizontal List, Vertical List, and Thumbnail.


PipeBoost™ is an HTTP compression software that runs on Internet Information Services 4.0, 5.x. It compresses static/dynamic content that is downloaded by a browser running on a customer or end user’s computer.

PixGrabber Free

Search and download images using several image-searching engines. Download images from any sites. Gather images from the pages you visit easily. Search and delete duplicate images from database. View images from your Hard Drive or CDs

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Когда бросаешь упрёки, восходят, как правило, плевелы.
Авессалом Подводный


Шел как-то Насреддин по дороге, увязался за ним моло-
дой цыган и стал выпрашивать у него хоть что-нибудь. Ходжа цыган
терпеть не мог, он шел себе, не оборачиваясь, и раскошеливаться
вовсе не собирался.
-- Эй, господин,-- крикнул, наконец, цыган,-- дай мне хоть
монетку, а то я сделаю такое, чего никогда еще не делал.
Ходжа обернулся, кинул ему монетку, а потом спрашивает:
-- Что же такое ты собирался сделать?
-- Э, господин,-- отвечал цыган,-- если бы ты ничего не по-
дарил, пришлось бы, видно, мне взяться за работу! А этого я еще
никогда не делал.


Конечно, счастье не зависит от количества денег. Но лучше плакать в лимузине, чем в автобусе.

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